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I booked Linda for a special Pajama Storytime one evening at the Emerson Public Library (NJ)

and her book about Jiffie was great! Jiffie offers valuable lessons to young children to believe in

 oneself, build strong friendships, and much more. What amazed me the most was how engaged the children were in the story, this is largely due to Linda’s ability to perform each character as If they popped out of the book, along with her singing and use of finger puppets. I’ve never seen children, as young as 3 to 9, sit so still through a book reading. That is what storytelling is all about! The book also includes a CD and activities in the back of the book. Thank you, Linda!

I purchased Jiffies’ Adventure for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. She LOVES books. What is

So special about this one is that it will grow with her. She enjoys the story and finger puppets

now. Later she will enjoy the stories in a more nuanced way and experience the CD. I know

that of all the books she asks us to read for her, Jiffie will be one she enjoys reading to herself

In the future.

 I have worked with Linda on the design process for both the Jiffie book and finger puppets.

Once she was published and the puppets were manufactured I received a few copies that I have.   Shared with family and friends. The books are thoroughly enjoyed by all, one friend works in child day care and finds it a story time favorite. The finger puppet engage the children and allow them to role play and interact with the characters. I highly recommend the Jiffie book as a gift for any of your friends. Lynn Boudreau

I purchased, “A Jiffie Adventure – Jiffie Saves the Day: for my two little girls. Little did I know

that it would be such a tremendous hit with them. I read the story to them and what an

amazing time we all shared together. Besides the great story and wonderful lessons it has on

self-esteem and not taking anything from strangers, Linda put a fresh approach to these

subjects, which children can relate to. We also loved the songs, and the creative addition of

the beautifully made finger puppets to match the animal characters in the book. As if that

wasn’t enough, the Q&A page at the end of the story was an added bonus. My girls eagerly

wanted to answer the questions followed by the challenging games which was the topper to it

all! We also love listening to the CD in the car as the two of them play with the finger puppets.

What a wonderful story! The author incorporates life lessons taught by our parents into the

adorable story of Jiffie the Giraffe. My son enjoys listening to the accompanying CD while

turning the colorful pages. Linda Saltman’s cheerful voice always brings a smile, as do the

finger puppets included with the book. If you are looking for a fun and educational book for

your little one, look no further! Deirdre McKiernan

I have read Jiffie so many times to my daughter and now that she is in kindergarten she wants

to read it by herself. It is such a beautiful book. We love the finger puppets that come with the

Book!! It is very important for me as a Mom to teach my little one about what is good and what

is bad this adventure shows in a very cute way how our children could get into situations in

which their good judgement can be tricked. Jiffie remembered her Mom’s advice: it can be very unsafe to take food, or to accept gifts from someone you don’t know because you could get hurt and become sick. Never take anything from strangers. It’s a very important lesson

especially   in our days when children are exposed to dangerous substances and people who can be dangerous. I appreciate the fact that a book can be very helpful in my daughter’s education. Also reinforce Jiffie self-esteem and encourage her to trust herself and her inner voice. Thanks Linda for a beautiful book full of color and good advice. J  Diana Loaiza-Miranda








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