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Hi, and welcome to my website!

Opening the minds of our youth,  joyfully, while making lasting, loving memories are what my stories are all about.

As an award winning poet, children's author and librarian, I write about fun ways to teach children moral and sensory lessons through my interactive books by learning through tools such as: games, finger puppets and music.

I have performed my books in schools, libraries and other venues for children.

Liana Lowenstein, MSW,RSW,CPT-S, a Registered Clinical Social Worker and Certified Play Therapist-Supervisor and author of many best selling books, had my book featured as "Book of the Month" on her online Newsletter.

Please watch out for the upcoming releases of new books in the series. 




Whether her stories were written in pros or verse, the eloquent design of her words had great depth and meaning to all the subjects she brought to life. Her stories transcend time. Children stories also came naturally to her, as you will read among the pages of these two highly entertaining books, “Woolly the Moth,” and “Mama Duck.”

Winning several poetry contests, some of her works can be found in the Library of Congress, located in Washington DC..

Jack-of-all-trades, master of some; businesswoman, college graduate, mother, and wife, Jennifer has the ability to multi task.  She is a business owner for the highest quality commercial ink and cleaning solution for inkjet printers. Graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Magna Cum-Laude, with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and  freelance designer, she worked as head art director for an advertising company, producing stadium banners and brochures for companies like, JVC and designs logos, brochures. As a freelance graphic designer she has graphically designed and enhanced, books, games, websites, silk scarves, and more. She also is the the one who is responsible for maintaining and designing this website. Besides being my daughter and mother to my grandchild, Jennifer has designed games to help him learn and grow. Also, she loves animals and at one point fostered several dogs for a few years before and after adopting 2 pups of her own, with her wonderful husband, who is also a Jack-of-all-trades, as well.  She is truly an incredible person.

Candice Gill is an artist born and raised in Northern New Jersey. Drawing and painting have been interests since childhood.

Candice believes children make for wonderful company and always dreamed of lending her talents to children's books.  Between 2004 and 2009, Candice focused on art photography, participating in several NY and NJ art shows.  Since then, she has provided promo photos and album art for musical artists and has done graphic artwork for an online music magazine.   Aside from illustration, Candice enjoys creating dollhouse miniatures out of polymer clay, knitting, writing, making music and sewing.  She lives colorfully with her husband, daughter and two cats.

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